Society for Functional Nanomaterials

Our Vision

The Society for Functional Nanomaterials will initiate a theatre of opportunity that reflects, captures and encourages the best in academic and industrial collaboration and support to positively influence in the commercialisation of Functional Nanomaterials.

Creating an active network within academic and industrial communities and attracting visionary individuals, companies and scholars that will charge dynamic developments in priority research areas is a founding principle.

The Society is committed to promoting education in Functional Nanomaterials to develop the professionals and industry leaders of the future and provide an environment for sharing knowledge with the wider nanoscience community.


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Membership Advantages

Currently accepting early expressions of interest, the Society anticipates the building of a strong membership offering shortly, welcoming professionals within nanoscience correlated industries, academia, or government and those with an interest in this field.  Individuals, companies, students, educators and institutions are all welcome.

Members will benefit from access to a fundamental and applied research programme, consultancy and internship opportunities as well as close links to projects of particular interest, collaborations with academia and industry and pre-competitive research.

Our members will form the foundation of an international nanoscience network that will transform the face and pace of nanomaterial development and have the benefit of being among the first to hear about events, funding opportunities, learning and professional development prospects.

Multifunctional Nanomaterials in Cancer Therapy

Posted 21/04/2016

Dr Tapas Sen from the School of Physical Sciences & Computing has just been awarded an international research grant entitled “Multifunctional Nanomaterials in Cancer Therapy”. This is a multinational project which is jointly funded by UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI: and the University Grant Commission (UGC:, India for the period of 3 years […]

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Smart Biomimetic Materials

Posted 21/04/2016

Dr Sub Reddy from the School of Physical Sciences and Computing is UCLan’s Principal Investigator on multi-disciplinary research projects funded by The Wellcome Trust and The Leverhulme Trust. He is developing smart biomimetic materials (molecularly imprinted polymers; MIPs) as alternative synthetic, stable, ethical and economical antibodies. Rapid antibody development is important for initial treatment of […]

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Condensed Screening Platform for Aggregation Profiling

Posted 21/04/2016

Prof Robert Forbes from the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science is UCLan’s Principal Investigator for a recently launched  £1M+ Innovate UK Collaborative R& D grant project “Towards a condensed screening platform for aggregation profiling”  Biotherapeutic drugs are an increasingly important class of new medicines and their effective action in the therapeutic treatment of disease […]

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2nd International Conference in Functional Nanomaterials – Academic-Industry Meet: 12th – 13th September 2018

Posted 21/04/2016

Venue: University of Lancashire, Preston, PR1 2HE, UK Themes: Nanomedicine Energy & Environment Micro & Nano Manufacturing Consolidating the success of the first Symposium, two years ago the 2nd International Symposium in Functional Nanomaterials: Academic Meet will again incorporate expert speakers from both academia and industry. A poster presentation of the latest research will be […]

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1st International Conference in Functional Nanomaterials: Academic – Industry Meet

Posted 29/03/2016

University of Central Lancashire, Preston, PR1 2HE, UK This is an international symposium where we want to bring researchers from both academic and industrial organisations on a single platform. Research in nanotechnology has been going on for the last 25 years with multi-billion dollars investment from public, private and venture capitalists. Now is the right time […]

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